Mission Statement for Utah Solar Talk…


My name is Justin.

I’m a family man with a loving wife and two adorable little girls.  We call Salt Lake City, Utah home due its great climate and abundant outdoor activities.  (I love skiing!)  Thanks to lots of hard work, my family lives a happy and abundant life full of love and laughter.

But like a growing number of people, I’m very worried about my childrens’ future…

More specifically, the quality of life they’ll have once the catastrophic effects of climate change really start kicking in.  Blistering heat waves, rising oceans, and perhaps most importantly, mass immigration of foreign climate refugees into our already crowded country.

According to the most current scientific knowledge, all this will likely happen within my girls’ lifetime- and that keeps me up at night.

What’s a worried dad to do?

Quite simply, be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

First of all, I installed solar panels on my home.  Lowering your carbon footprint is the first step anyone should take if they’re concerned about climate change (which they should be).

Secondly, I want to assist other Utahns in switching their homes away from the coal fired utility grid to clean, affordable solar.  To do this, I created Utah Solar Talk as a go-to source for all things solar in Utah.

Finally, I want to start common sense discussions on climate change, pollution, and other energy related issues here in Utah.   Too many times I see conversations on these important issues break down into politics and pointless arguing over science.

For me, simply becoming aware of the unacceptable risks of abrupt climate change should be enough to make any reasonable person adjust their thinking and start taking action.

Whats’ more, if society can take politics out of the picture and just focus on science and common sense, we can make our energy future cleaner and more secure.

We have a lot to talk about friends.  With climate and energy issues becoming more worrisome with each passing year, we must come together as a society to find workable solutions.

But the first step in finding answers, is admitting  we have a problem in the first place.

To a clean energy future,



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