Good News! Rocky Mountain Power Solar Fee Proposal Suspended…

Some good news for the Utah solar industry!

The Utah Public Service Commission (PSC) has suspended Rocky Mountain Power’s (RMP) net metering proposal. According to the PSC website, RMP filed a letter with the commission on December 9th, 2016, recommending they “…suspend the tariff changes… while interested stakeholders continue to seek mutually acceptable resolutions.”

Here is a link to RMP’s letter to the PSC in its entirety…

As you may know, RMP’s net metering proposal, if passed, would have killed the Utah solar industry.  The proposed solar fees were so high that it would have made rooftop solar completely uneconomical for Utah families.

Now remember, RMP was proposing the new solar fee structure under the guise of “fairness” for all their customers. But some basic research and critical thinking reveals the real reason for the proposed change… protecting profits at Pacificorp.

Folks, the PSC suspension of RMP’s proposal is good news for renewable energy, cleaner air, and the Utah solar industry as a whole.

But don’t be fooled…

This fight for solar freedom in Utah is nowhere near over.  While RMP says they will work for “mutually acceptable resolutions”, I believe they’ll never stop fighting to slow, or all together stop, rooftop solar expansion in Utah.

With the solar fee uncertainty out of the way (for now), now’s the perfect time to contact a solar professional to get solar on your roof!  I highly recommend Synergy Power, who will make the process of going solar affordable and easy.

Use the “Contact” button at the top of this page, and I will put you in touch with my recommended solar expert from Synergy Power!

Despite my preference for Synergy Power, here are a few other Utah solar providers to consider…

Auric Solar 

Intermountain Wind And Solar

Solar Finn

Legend Solar 

To a clean energy future!



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