Why Solar? Why Now?

For me, the decision to go solar was an easy one.  It made financial sense and I wanted to help the environment.   But for some, the decision isn’t so cut and dry.  After all, there are plenty of factors to consider, and solar is a sizable investment.

If you’re on the fence about solar, or you’re just not sure of the benefits, let me help you…

For starters, solar energy now offers clear financial benefits for residential and business owners alike.  With panel costs coming down dramatically in recent years, the return on investment (ROI) of a solar system is pushing consistently higher.

Depending on your total net installation cost (which varies on system size, tax incentives, and other unique factors), the ROI on the average system typically breaks north of 7% annually.

On my home’s system, the ROI is estimated at 11.3% due to the great deal I got from Synergy Power- pretty sweet!

What’s more, the breakeven point on a competitively priced system in now around 11-12 years.  In my case, it’s an estimated 10 years.  After your initial investment is recovered, you can produce clean energy from the sun at no cost!

And the best part is…

Over the life of the system, which is about 25 years, total energy savings can add up to some pretty hefty amounts.  In my case, I’ll save just over $28,000 in utility payments over that 25 year period.  Remember, the ROI, breakeven point, and total energy savings are unique to your home and your energy usage, so results will vary.

But in my mind, the most important reason to go solar are the environmental benefits…  

Friends, I realize climate change is a controversial issue.  But when you put your politics and personal beliefs aside, and just look at the science, you’ll find earth’s climate is indeed changing, and quickly.

In my mind, leaving future generations with an unstable climate system is morally wrong.  Each year we continue to rely on fossil fuels, and pump the related Co2 into the atmosphere, is another year we rob from our children’s future.

When society has solutions (such as solar and other clean energy technologies ) that can help reduce the effects of climate change, we should all do our part to make it a reality in our lives.

If you’re interested in going solar, contact Utah Solar Talk via the “Contact Us” link at the upper right corner of the home page and we’ll put you in touch with Synergy Power- our preferred provider.  They do an excellent job and have a price point far below any other provider in Utah!

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of the solar system installation on my home in Cottonwood Heights, Utah…

Racking installation…


Canadian Solar panels going on rack…


Solaredge inverter…


Completed system…


For more information on the complete solar installation process be sure to visit this article: Going Solar: What’s The Process?

To a clean energy future,



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